Actress Gabrielle Union speaks on how Whitney Houston's legacy impacted her

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Back in 2015, actress Gabrielle Union appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show and spoke on how the late Whitney Houston's towering legacy influenced her to strive for a better version of herself.

The 'Being Mary Jane' actress revealed how she changed from working merely for an 'easy paycheck' to constantly trying to make herself a better actress.

What made her change?

The actress told Vieira, how witnessing Houston's untimely passing in the year 2012 and the gigantic impact of her legacy - altered her perception around everything she strived to achieve. 

"I was in a meeting at the very moment when Whitney Houston passed away," Union recalled in the interview. "And I was in a meeting with people who had just worked with her on Sparkle. You could literally see across the room, people - their phones going off, people yelling and screaming and crying and just how this woman had impacted so many lives."

"In that moment, I was like 'I wanna do better work, I wanna leave better footprint on earth'," the actress further added.

"I wanna be a better environmentalist, I wanna be a better wife. I don't wanna leave this place, not fulfilling my goals and my destiny as a good woman."

Watch the powerful segment below:

There is no question, Whitney Houston still remains the most influential female artist and superstart in popular history. Its amazing to see how that influence surpasses all genres, fields, professions, borders and boundaries.

What a legacy indeed.

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