Cardi B performs 'Bodak Yellow' while trying to overcome her fear of heights

Cardi B has been riding high on the success of her first hit single, 'Bodak Yellow'.

And why not? The song's peak at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts made her the first rapper to top the charts with a solo recording, since Lauryn Hill accomplished the same back in 1998.

The 25 year old rapper, who's also notched 2 nods at the upcoming Grammy awards, was recently seen attempting to conquer her fear of heights while performing at a Miami night club.

Cardi was seen getting on top of the DJ booth during late hours of a Saturday party at Miami's LIV Nightclub, where she confessed to her 'fear of heights' in her own "gangsta" manner.

"I'm a motha****in' gangsta but I'm afraid of heights so I'm gonna have this big motha****a hold my hand," the rapper said, grabbing a hold a security person standing nearby.

Cardi - with some assistance of the security guy, then performed her mega-hit along with her other singles like 'No Limit' and 'Motorsport.'

Watch her trying to balance-it-out over the DJ booth:

Love Cardi. She keeps it real. 

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