From 'Smooth Operator' to 'By Your Side': Here are the Top 10 songs by Sade

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Ever since Sade ventured into the music scene in the early 80's, her timeless melodies have been our perfect escape for an engulfing easy-listening experience.

We LIVE for Sade's unique and mesmerizing tone and her soothing, caressing, subdued way of telling a story through a song.

Although the Nigeria-born, British singer's last studio project came out nearly 7 years ago, her catalog is filled with enough classics for us pick out our 10 favorites.

Here are the Top 10 songs by Sade Adu:

10) Somebody Already Broke My Heart (2000)
This track wasn't released as a single, but still remains one of Sade's most memorable cuts - as featured on the singer's fifth studio album, "Lover's Rock." The vulnerable-sounding vocals on this by Adu, help enhance the song's meaning further.

9) The Sweetest Taboo (1985)
Featured on Sade's second studio album, 'Promise', this is one of Sade's signature tracks, giving the songstress her second consecutive hit on the Adult Contemporary charts at that time. A true Sade classic.

8) Never As Good As The First Time (1985)
Another tune from Sade's sophomore LP. If you grew up in the 80's, you would remember this song from its black and white music video featuring Adu riding a horse, but we put it at #8 for her for yet another trademark velvety smooth vocal delivery.

7) Paradise (1988)
One of Sade's most successful songs in the U.S. - 'Paradise' was released from her third studio album 'Stronger Than Pride' and features the singer take you on a ride to its namesake, with the sublime use of her voice. Like many of her signature hits, this one is less about the length of the lyrics, and more about setting up the mood. Quiet, gentle and very Sade!

6) Lovers Rock (2000)
The title track from Adu's fifth studio LP of the same name. An emotionally captivating delivery, gently touched by her silky tone and sung in the typical 'held-back' style of the legend. 

5) Your Love Is King (1984)
The lead single from Sade's debut album 'Diamond Life'. A passionate, sultry conveyance by the singer features her putting her heart out on lines like, "touching the very part of me/it's making my soul sing/I'm crying out for more/your love is king." If you've been looking for a calm song to make love to, this could be it. 

4) Smooth Operator (1984)
Another unforgettable classic from the diva's debut LP. The song peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and spent a total of 13 weeks inside the Top 40, becoming one of her most successful international tracks. The flawless straight note, that comes out of her mouth - every time she sings 'Smooth Operator' - is enough to call this one of her very best.

3) No Ordinary Love (1992)
Our love and adoration for this track can not be put to ordinary words. Released from her fourth studio album, 'Love Deluxe', the song is one of her most popular singles in the US. Every time the strings play when she finishes singing 'No Ordinary Love', makes you skip a heartbeat. There is divinity that surrounds the final product, that makes you truly believe she isn't singing for an 'Ordinary Love' indeed.

2) Is It A Crime (1985)
A fan favorite and a true modern-day classic by Adu. From the sultry sax solo to her enchanting, earthly low notes - this is truly one of her greatest tracks, especially when performed live.

1) By Your Side (2000)
Not necessarily a popular choice, but for us, this is Sade's most heartfelt performance in a song. Her assurance to her lover, to stand by his side no matter how hard the times may get, is the stuff of epic romances. One of the most piercing love-songs of all time.

What do you think of the list? What are your favorite Sade songs?

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