Jay Z stops 4:44 show midway to hug fan who beat cancer - twice!

Jay Z stopped in-between one of his 4:44 shows to shower love on a female attendee who was a two-time cancer survivor.

Christina Cruz attended Jay's show at the Oracle theater in Oakland, California this past Saturday, holding a glittery sign that read, "I beat cancer 2x 2 see u! I love you!!! Selfie or hug?"

Calling her over to the stage, after reading her placard, the legendary MC said, "I gotta give you at least a hug," - as the 20,000-something crowd showered her with applause and cheer.

The two then exchanged a few pleasantries and hugs on stage as Jay wished her goodluck and said, "You beat cancer twice, you can do anything."

Watch the beautiful moment below:

Cruz later took to social media, calling it the 'best night of her life'!

We can already tell that by the smile on her face!

Great gesture by Jay Z. 

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