Jennifer Hudson seeks another protective order against David Otunga to stop him from "tarnishing her image"

Wikimedia Commons
Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga's separation keeps on taking a new turn every day. 

After taking back her initial order of protection against Otunga, which she had sought to have him taken out of her house - the singer now seeks to get another emergency protection to make him stop "tarnishing her image."

According to a recent filing on court, as obtained by Page Six, Hudson has requested a judge to stop Otunga on his “continued efforts to place [her] in a bad light and tarnish her reputation.” 

The papers allege that Otunga has been leaking "false information" against Hudson, pertaining to the custody of their 8 year old son, which violates the agreement of confidentiality between the parties.

The docs further state that such allegations are harming the singer's career, which could serve as a major financial setback for the entire family as Hudson is the primary earner and supporting member, due to Otunga's "voluntary underemployment."

In a contrast to Hudson's allegations, Otunga himself filed docs with his own version of their rift earlier this week, expressing his disapproval of the singer using her platform on The Voice to constantly diss him and their 10-year-long relationship.

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