New Eminem song talks about Donald Trump's impeachment and Charlottesville riots

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Eminem will soon be heard wholeheartedly dissing Donald Trump in his new song. 

The Grammy winning rapper's upcoming studio LP, 'Revival' features him ripping Trump, addressing him as an 'Aryan', who would soon be taken out of his position as president.

"All he does is watch FOX News like a parrot and repeats, while he looks like a canary with a beak," he raps on the upcoming release. 

Entitled, "Like Home" - the track is supposed to be a duet with Alicia Keys and is not entirely a 'Trump-diss', but contains messages of equality and unity in the backdrop of racial outbreaks like the 'Charlottesville riots' and the death of civil rights activist, Heather Heyer.

We're also curious to know whether Alicia steps in his shoes to throw some shade on her own part. 

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It isn't the first time Em has publicly expressed his disapproval of Trump administration. The rapper previously threw a freestyle at the BET Hip Hop awards hurling major disses at the prez, but unlike as he does for the rest of his naysayers, Trump chose not respond to Slim Shady's diss (Wise decision, we'd say!).

Come 15 December (the album's release date)... and you may soon witness another flurry of tweets.

Do you think Trump will respond this time?

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