Pat Houston reveals Whitney's 'fab 5' circle of friends. Says people who judge her, don't have a clue

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Pat Houston made an appearance on TVOne's 'Sister Circle Live' and spoke on a number of subjects ranging from her long-term association with the late Whitney Houston as her manager and sister-in-law and also the role she played in the decision making process on things concerning her personal life.

"I would do it all over again," she said, speaking on her journey with the iconic songstress..

Being questioned about what exactly failed Whitney and her daughter Bobbi Kristina and if their lives could have been saved, Pat quickly responded by affirming that they could.

"Whitney has had all the support in the world. What happens when you leave your parents' home, is entirely upto you," Pat pointed out. "They made choices that they had to live with, that no one else could handle. I can only say, the support was always there, the choices failed them."

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Speaking on what she loved the most about the late legend, Pat revealed Whitney's 'inner-circle' of girlfriends which they referred to as 'fab five.'

"She had a very loving way about her," Pat said. "She was very uplifting to her 'Sister Circle'. She had a 'fab five' that noone really knew about, which was CeCe Winans, Kim Burrell, Cherrelle Norton, myself and Whitney - we were the fab five."

She further added, "Each one of us, gave her something very very special and she gave us [in return]. She was extremely supportive in everything that we did. We were always there for her, not judging her but trying to help her. She loved that and she did have her circle of sisters."

Pat was also asked to 'keep it real', while being questioned about her opinion on TVOne's unauthorized biopic on Bobbi Kristina and here is what she had to say on that:

"In order to tell the story, you have to know the story and they didn't quite know the story. I did speak with one of the producers and I did explain that. There were a lot inaccuracies that were going on."

Pat did state that someone, once did approach her to participate on the show - which she declined:

"Someone came to be about doing the show, it was the producers and not TV One and I said, in the very beginning, 'No', And they took it upon themselves to go ahead and do it."

Pat who was there to promote her book, 'A Better You' - also spoke on Houston's recently released posthumous album, "I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard", explaining how bittersweet and heartbreaking it was hear her voice on-record again:

"The first song, the first voice you're going to hear is hers. Its almost like she's talking to you. So, if you've never gone to her concert, that's what this album is all about," she said. "Its kind of bitter-sweet, because you're so used to seeing her perform live on-stage and to know that you're never going to see her on stage is heartbreaking. But then you hear that voice and you hear, how she gives her all....she's absolutely amazing."

Pat was also questioned about the criticism and judgement she receives for the tragic end to Whitney and Krissy's lives and here is how she explained her position on it, by recounting a conversation she once had with Houston herself:

"We've had great conversations, 'coz we were together a lot. And we came to the conclusion, that I was only there to ease the pain life had brought to her," Pat told the hosts. "I didn't make choices for her. I didn't choose her friends. I didn't choose her husband. I didn't do any of that. I was only there to bring her the peace and the joy...and I did. And she knew that, before she passed."

"One of our conversations, a few days before she passed, was about 'judging.' We were having lunch together at the Beverly Hilton and she asked me, 'Why do people judge me?'

"She was like a little girl. And I said, 'you know Whitney, only god can judge you at the appointed time. And that you cannot worry about.'"

Bringing the subject back to the judgement she has received since Houston's passing, Pat said:

"People are gonna judge me all day long, they don't have a clue. Not a clue. But that's okay, because, we've always been there for her. There's always going to be naysayers, you can't stop that. I just have to continue doing what I'm doing."

Watch the interview below:

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