Watch: Woman exposes and rubs her breasts against alleged harasser's face to "teach him a lesson"

If you are constantly at the verge of sexual assault and harassment, your frustration level may slowly pile-up enough to push you to take matters in your own hand.

A Brazilian woman reportedly got fed-up with a man, who allegedly harassed her by touching and staring at her in an inappropriate manner, and retaliated by exposing her breasts in public and rubbing them against his face.

The incident was captured on video - which has now gone viral over the internet, showing the woman first pinning the alleged perpetrator to the ground and then repeatedly slapping and screaming at him. 

Accusing him of harassing her, the woman then takes off her shirt and sits on top of the man to slap him some more and then rub her breasts against his face, angrily yelling - "Is this what you want?"

Watch the viral video below:
(Warning: Graphic content, viewer discretion advice)

The video was reportedly shot in Ribeirao Preto city center, southeast Brazil - in which a large number of specters can be seen witnessing the entire incident take place in broad daylight.

While some people called this - a frustrated retaliation of someone who's had enough of being harassed, others have called-out the woman for sexually and physically assaulting the man in public without any proof.

What are your thoughts?

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