Aretha Franklin handpicks Jennifer Hudson to play her in upcoming biopic.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Aretha Franklin has been one of those classic divas who has been very finicky about the way she'd wanted herself to be represented. So it is inevitable when the first "authorized" biopic on the definitive Queen of Soul comes into picture, she would involve herself enough to ensure it meets her expectations.

The Grammy winning songstress, as it was announced yesterday, has personally chosen Jennifer Hudson to play her in an upcoming biopic 

The announcement was made by music mogul Clive Davis at the pre-Grammy gala, where Hudson performed a medley of some of Franklin's most memorable classics, including - "Think," "Rock Steady" and "Respect."

"When the biopic of the great Aretha Franklin is filmed next year, the artist anointed by Aretha herself to play her is the next performer. Aretha personally told me that last week," the music legend announced.

Praising Hudson as the "next Aretha" Davis further added:

"This artist to us is a transcendent performer. She stops any and every show she's in. Her voice is truly incredible. When they ask, 'Where's the next Aretha, where the next Aretha will come from?' I say it's [Hudson]. She's in the studio right now recording what I hope will be a classic album... she's in the tradition of Adele, she's a singer's singer."

Interestingly, Clive has also called Hudson the "next Whitney Houston" on numerous occasions before - someone who Hudson herself has cited as her biggest influence.

Do you think Jennifer Hudson is the right choice to play the Queen of Soul?

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