Watch: Fergie butchers the 'Star Spangled Banner' like you've never heard before

Did Fergie just surpass Christina Aguilera as the "worst 'Star Spangled Banner' performer" of all time?

The former 'Black Eyed Peas' popstar recently took the NBA all-star game stage to perform the American national anthem - and the outcome has people scratching their heads.

What was perhaps meant to be a "shining moment" for the singer (as most artists aspire when they dare tackle this difficult tune), turned into a disaster as her vocals seemed to have gone on a vacation to Timbuktu.

Unlike Christina, Fergie wasn't exactly "struggling" to sing the difficult parts and key-changes - but she didn't have the right pitch, tone and melody for it.

Making some parts sound 'breathy' with her "straight-out-of-bed" sexy voice, the anthem turned awkward on most parts and the high notes, ending the performance, didn't help either.

We reckon, the fergilicious singer was perhaps attempting to do "something different" with the anthem a la Marvin Gaye - but it feels it went in a completely different direction.

And it was not pretty to most.

Watch it for yourself:


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