WATCH: Hrithik Roshan recites a powerful poem on son Hrehaan's 12th birthday

Hrithik Roshan put all his artistic extensions to use to pass on a message of strength and overcoming one's fear to the youth on the occasion of his son's 12th birthday.

The 44 year old actor recently uploaded a video which featured the star reciting a poem written by him, dedicating it to all the sons and daughters out there and also the "child within us."

Revolving around the concept of battling through our many fears, Roshan pulled all his acting chops in the 1 minute 28 second clipping, as he attempted to guide everyone to sail through their worst terrors.

The actor started off the first verse referencing his "six fingers" and how people often made fun of him because of the same.

The dramatically recited poem featured the music from Hollywood movie 'Interstellar' playing in the background.

Check it out below:

The "Krrish" superstar, who has a massive following on his social media handles, managed to woo and inspire each one of his followers with his powerful words. 

Although a few people also pointed out that it may very well just be a promotional campaign for 'Mountain Dew' - a drink he's the official brand ambassador of, which uses the tagline "Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai" - but that still was no reason for people to stop taking inspiration from it. 

Hrithik's son Hrehaan Roshan with ex-wife Suzzane Khan turned 12 on Wednesday and the actor's inspiring words were perhaps the most ageless and timeless gift he could have received for the day. 

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