Watch: Viral video of a newborn baby gorilla being lovingly kissed by his mom

Every so often our furry friends from the animal kingdom show such humanly emotions and gestures that make us empathize and fall in love with them even more that we already do.

The emotions that many of us generally believe are exclusive to humans - like the selfless care and devotion of a mother, or the extra-protective cautionary nature of a patriarch - or infact instances of love and acceptance towards species other than their own, which continue to set an example for the likes of us. 

One such beautiful moment was recently captured on camera at the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conversation Biology Institute in the United States, in which a gorilla mother couldn't help but persistently give her newborn fur-baby several wet kisses soon after he was born.

The heartwarming footage captures the female gorilla Calaya, who gave birth to her very first little one at around 6:25 PM on Monday. The baby has been named - 'Moke' - which in Lingala language means -  'junior.'

The original video uploaded by the zoo on Facebook has garnered over 3.9 million views at the time of writing this. People can't help but gush over the emotional moment between Calaya and her baby as the video continues to be shared.

Taking into account years and years of illegal poaching of the now-endangered species, the moment certainly holds greater emotional depth for everyone.

A mother's devout love for her children certainly crosses all boundaries of the animal kingdom.

Here's wishing little 'Moke' prospers and thrives to give his mama some company in the years ahead!

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