Mom shares touching photo of her newborn baby's goodbye hug for dying twin sister

Amy Campbell's twins were born at only 26 weeks into her pregnancy and which resulted into a number of health complications, including one of the twin's brain invaded by way too much fluids.

The grieving mother shares images of her twin's 'final hug' as they lay aside each other, saying goodbye, before one of them had to be taken off from life support.

The parents had to take the tough call of putting their premature-born baby daughter off life support after doctors informed them that, Esme, as she was named, would likely not survive due to secretion of liquids up till her brain.

The images clicked by the heartbroken 30 year old mother featured the two babies, weighing only 2 lbs each, laying aside each other upon her request from the nursing staff - as she wanted the two to 'meet' one last time

Charlotte, the surviving child, then wrapped her arm upon Esme - creating a memory that is forever going to be etched in the family's mind.

The mom reflected how she got the news of her failing health through a call from the doctor - hearing which she collapsed out on the field and had to be helped to get back on her feet.

"I called Connor and we drove to the hospital, it was such a horrible drive. The whole time I knew I was on the way to face hearing that Esme was too poorly."

Amy further added:

"The doctors told us that more fluid had gone into her ventricles in her brain and her head circumference had increased so much that even if she were to survive she would have absolutely no quality of life."

It was then, the parents after consultation with the doctor, made the tough call to put Amy off life-support.

Esme, passed away the next day on her mother's arms.

"That moment of having them both snuggled up in my arms was the best moment of my life," Amy said.

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