A woman was morally policed to wear her 'hijaab properly' she retaliated by removing it completely

Representational Image (Pic credit: Michal Osmenda/Source)
There are often times we feel way too frustrated by constantly being told to act, dress or behave a certain way - just to please the social and so-called cultural norms, set by the society - that we want to protest by breaking all shackles and liberate ourselves from the imposing boundations.

While almost everyone faces those - piercing comments from the moral police, who always seem to be interested in how we're conducting ourselves in our own personal lives and spaces, the women of our society are more often subjected to the judgement and morally-imposing ideas.

Be it the way they dress, act, talk or even make decisions in their own lives - becomes an open, social discussion of what is 'culturally or morally' right and what's not.

A viral incident, which seems to have taken place with a similar backdrop, is now taking the social media by storm - which featured a woman protesting a 'moral-brigade' who taunt her for her clothing, in the most profound way.

In the viral clipping, an Iranian woman is asked to place and correct the position of her hijab by a group of other women - to which she retaliates by not just asking 'who they were' to question her, but also throwing off her hijab entirely.

Expressing the frustration, perhaps all have us have felt at various occasions, with the increasing number of people trying to tell things from - how we should dress up to who we should sleep with, this woman's reaction serves as the perfect metaphor for how the world is willing to 'break-free' from it all.

Let us continue to break the shackles that bind us and keep us from living our best lives.

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