12 Things that are turning 10 years old in 2017

Time really does fly by. But when you would look at the following things you really wouldn't believe it flew by that fast.

Here are 10 things that turn 10 years old this year:

1) Britney Spears shaved her head - Following the full custody of her kids being granted to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and the mockery by celebrity outlets like Perez Hilton, Britney Spears had a very public meltdown and shaved her off her head completely. You also saw the rise of the infamous 'Leave Britney Alone' clip made and uploaded by a fan on YouTube. Thankfully, with professional help, Spears managed to pull herself back together and released her comeback into music with the 'Blackout' album.

2) Dixie Chicks won all top Grammys - In a tensed political and social environment (as if it has ever been any different), Dixie Chicks won 'Album Of The Year' for their deep and politically charged album 'Taking The Long Way' and also 'Record and Song of the Year' awards for 'Not Ready To Make Nice'

3) Jordin Sparks won the American Idol - 17 year old Jordin Sparks scored big at the American Idols as she won the top title for that year while Blake Lewis came second in the competition. She later released her self-titled debut album that year that was certified Platinum in the US and got her, her first Grammy nomination.

4) Leona Lewis released 'Bleeding Love' - From her massively selling debut album 'Spirit', Leona Lewis rose to instant stardom worldwide as her single became the biggest hit of the following year and reached the #1 spot in 35 countries, the second only song to achieve the feat after Elton John's 'Candle In The Wind'

5) The first installment of 'Transformers' was released worldwide - It started in 2007 for all the Transformers fans and the multi-million dollar franchise, when the first sequence, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, hit the screens worldwide. The movie has had a total of 4 installments till date with more than 3 upcoming sequels already being in the pipeline.

6) Leonardo Decaprio lost at the Oscars...again - It really did take a lifetime for him to win this. Back in 2007, Leonardo lost once again to Forrest Whitaker. Decaprio was nominated for his performance in the movie 'Blood Diamond', while Whitaker took home the trophy for his phenomenal act in 'The Last King Of Scotland'

7) The final book from the Harry Potter series was released - Ugh. It sure was a bittersweet time for all Potter fans worldwide, as J.K. Rowling released the very last book from the iconic Harry Potter series. A great chapter of many childhoods came to closing as people gathered in public places dressed as characters from the book to celebrate the story of 'the boy that lived'

8) The first iPhone was launched - And the world is still crazy about keeping themselves updated with the latest release. The craze actually began in the year 2007, when Steve Jobs launched the very first iPhone. The product is now considered 'obsolete' in Apple retail stores as the newest generation iPhone is leaps and bounds ahead of it. That's technology for you.

9) Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz broke up - One of the most talked-about romances of the 2000's came to an end as Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake decided to part ways. It really did seem like it was meant to last forever.

10) Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were still together - After a failed marriage with Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were the candy of our eyes as seen through the camera lenses of the paparazzi. Like most Hollywood romances though, this didn't last either.

11) Anna Nicole Smith Dies - Sadness surrounded all news reports as Anna Nicole Smith was declared dead due to a drug overdose, which was said to have been triggered because of her son's demise some time ago.

12) Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie get in trouble with the law - This was either fad among these young starlets or a mere coincidence, but all three of these young could-have-been's were going in and out of Jail and Rehab post their separate stings with alcohol, drugs and drunk-driving. It was particularly sad to see Lohan destroy her career as she had a great career ahead of her, but sadly she never got it back after that.

Does this make you feel old? 10 years have passed by since all of this. Phew!!

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