Magic Johnson's heartwarming response to his son coming out to him

This past week NBA legend Magic Johnson appeared at the Ellen show and talked about the moment his son, 'E.J.' came out to him and his wife.

His response was not just heartwarming but also idealistic for every parent all around the world.

"When my son came out, I was so happy for him and happy for us as parents, And we love him. And E.J. is amazing." he said

He then went on to give some advice to parents dealing with situations like these. Here's what he had to say:

"I think it's all about you not trying to decide what your daughter or son should be, or what you want them to become," he said. "It's all about loving them no matter who they are [or] what they decide to do. You gotta support your child. It's so many people who try to discriminate against them, so they need you to support them. 'Cause if you don't support 'em, who's gonna support 'em and love 'em?"

Magic Johnson is a winner both on and off field.

Watch his complete interview with Ellen below:

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