Ariana Grande to pay for the funeral of her concert bombing victims

As police unfold more details about Monday night's tragedy, it has been reported that Ariana Grande will be paying her respect to the deceased victims of the bombing attack by covering the complete funeral costs.

Wikimedia Commons
In a devastating tragedy at the Ariana concert in Manchester, a total of 22 people have died while 59 have been reported to be injured so far. Further investigations identified that the attack was conducted by a 22 year old suicide bomber named Salman Abedi. However, no connection with ISIS has been established as of now.

Ariana, who managed to escape the rampage following the explosion, suspended the rest of her tour and headed back to be reunited with her family in Florida.

The 23 year old singer reportedly reached out to the families of the victims killed in the tragedy and offered to take care of all funeral expenses.

Although, Ariana has suspended the rest of her tour, the singer will reportedly show up to perform on May 25 at London’s O2 Arena, as no formal cancellations have been made for the specific show so far.

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