Michael Jackson's estate announces NEW projects. Slams Lifetime biopic.

As Lifetime recently launched the first official trailer of their upcoming unauthorized biopic on the late King of Pop - Michael Jackson, the upcoming made-for-television flick garnered enough curiosity among viewers to become one of the most talked-about subject of last month - despite the film not getting any approval or sanction from the late legend's estate.

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Finally releasing a statement to the press, Jacksons's estate slammed Lifetime's attempt to 'exploit' the superstar's legacy and also cleared that they do not permit or authorize the usage of any music, images or videos that belong to Michael or the estate in any such unauthorized projects.

The estate further announced the plans of 'numerous projects' which are currently said to be 'in development' to honor and celebrate the Pop icon's life.

Read the full statement from MJ's estate below:

"To clear up any confusion or misperceptions about unsanctioned Michael Jackson projects currently in the news --  including a Lifetime television movie and an animated film script recently purchased by Netflix -- the Estate of Michael Jackson does not license or permit the use of any rights it owns, including to Michael’s music, images, video and films, for use in unauthorized works seeking to exploit Michael's legacy. The Estate itself has numerous projects in development, all of which respect, honor and celebrate Michael’s life and legacy along with his extraordinary artistry that touched fans throughout the world. When the executors are ready to announce them, they will.  As Michael said countless times about his own work, the quality goes in before the name goes on."

'Searching For Neverland' - the new biopic by 'Lifetime' will attempt to tell the story of Michael's final years before his untimely death in 2009, as told through the eyes of his former Bodyguards.

The movie will premiere on 29 May on Lifetime.


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