Beyoncé doesn't want her father to show up during her delivery

It has been reported by sources that Beyoncé is not willing to include her father Mathew Knowles, during the delivery of her twins. The pop diva has apparently made out a list of things she wants and does not want as she prepares for the day, and it includes keeping her father away from the delivery room.

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For the people who've not been keeping up with what went wrong between the two, Beyoncé's terms with her father have been through several up's and down's following the separation of her parents in 2009 after her alleged affairs were brought to light by his children with other women. He was also accused of theft from the singer's 'I Am...' world tour back in 2010 following which Beyoncé eventually let him go as her manager in 2011. There have been gossips on top of gossips after that.

Though Mathew did show up during the birth of Beyoncé's first child, Blue Ivy in 2012 - a reunion which media termed as 'tearful,' things haven't really been that smooth between the two if the gravy is to be believed.

So, as Beyoncé expects a picture perfect family moment during the delivery of her twins, she does not want to be surrounded by unwanted company. “She is fearful that he’ll show up uninvited like he did with Blue. She doesn’t want him anywhere nearby on her special day. She fully expects everything to be perfect as they become a family of five,” said the source, as reported on 'In Touch.'

Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles is taking care of everything for the special day and is in-charge of things as of now.

Take this with a pinch of salt, as it was previously reported that Beyoncé is actually in good terms with her father despite all the controversies, so the source's information may not necessarily be 100% right.

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