Did JLo and Madonna Throw Shade During Katy Perry's Performance?

Katy Perry recently released her new single 'Bon Appétit' featuring rapper group Migos and when she pulled together a performance of her new song during an event at the ongoing MET Gala, it looked like Madonna or Jennifer Lopez were not having it.

Though neither of the two really explicitly said anything about the song or the performance, but the visibly un-amused duo seemed to just stare at the stage as Katy performed her new single.

That 'no-reaction' was a reaction enough to light Twitter for the rest of the day

Watch the video for yourself below:


Look at that 'death-stare' on Madonna's face.

What do you think was going-on in their heads as they watched Katy perform?

Perry's single hasn't really been doing any wonders on the charts either, and has met with poor-to-mixed reception from the critics. It's somewhat catchy for sure, but it's been surrounded with a lot of controversies, starting with people not liking the fact that she collaborated with Migos - who are known to be homophobic and then her passive-aggressive retaliation to people complaining about the color of her hair.

Not really a good start for her new project.

Listen to Katy's new track below:

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