Beyoncé announces 'Lemonade' Box-Set worth $300. Will you be buying?

When Beyoncé drops them lemons, her fans catch 'em. That's the rule of the game.

Her last visual album, is the most critically acclaimed project of the superstar's career. It may have failed to win the 'Album Of The Year' Grammy this year, but no other artist came close to the artistry and impact 'Lemonade' created.

But when she recently announced a special package revolving around the theme of the album, that would cost as much as $300, people really wondered if they'd be willing to invest that much for their Queen.

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The 36-year old superstar unveiled a special collector's package on social media called 'The How To Make Lemonade' Package. Also listed for sale on her official website, here is what the description of the product reads:

The How To Make Lemonade Box Set is a momentous tome and comprehensive look at Beyoncé’s LEMONADE journey. The How To Make Lemonade Box Set gives unprecedented insight into the making of multiple award-winning LEMONADE, with a numbered, collector’s edition coffee table book, double vinyl LP, and audio and visual album downloads.
The 600+ page hardcover book includes hundreds of never-before-seen photos from the making of LEMONADE, and shows the inspiration and themes behind some of the film’s most provocative and cryptic moments. The foreword is written by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson with poetry by Warsan Shire. Beyoncé’s personal writing and lyrics are interwoven throughout the book.

The package would be a limited-release with only 20,000 units being made available.

For someone like Beyoncé, who has one of the strongest and most loyal fan-bases, it wouldn't be long when these are already sold-out, irrespective of how high-priced it is.

Check out the unboxing of the package in the video posted on her Instagram:

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Soooo... would you be buying one?

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