Ed Sheeran holds a private mini concert for girl too sick to attend his show

Ed Sheeran has previously shown his kindness to little Melody Driscoll when he personally met her back in November after hearing her story.

Source; Melody In Mind/Facebook
To reminisce, Melody Driscoll is a ten year old fan of the pop superstar, who is born with a disease called 'Rhett Syndrome' - a condition which affects her abilities related to cognitive, motor and autonomic functions. Melody spends most of her time in and out of hospitals but that doesn't stop her from listening to the tunes of her favorite popstar.

Back in November, when Sheeran heard about Melody's story he approached her in person and sang a few tunes for the little one.

Now, melody got her second date with the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker on the 2nd of May, when he hosted a private mini-concert in a meeting that touched the heart of Melody's family and Sheeran's fans, and also gave them the boost to keep on fighting.

In a Facebook page administored by Melody's mother, she shared the experience and thanked Sheeran for showing up once again for her little daughter:

“Yesterday Melody got her 2nd Date with Ed Sheeran. Due to Melody’s health she will never be able to attend a proper concert. So, Ed created a mini concert just for her and him so she got to experience the amazing sound and amazing atmosphere of seeing Ed live on stage, complete with all staging and lighting effects including all the big screens. He let her pick what songs she wanted him to sing to her and spent one on one time together gazing in each other’s eyes. It was the most amazing thing to watch. The love they have for each other is obvious for anyone to see. He even drew him and Melody on her cast, using a gold pen for their hair lol. And wrote ‘Love You’ on Melody’s wheelchair. To top the afternoon off, Stuart and Mark surprised Melody and us, by taking Melody to Ed’s Shop and allowing her to pick what she wanted to take home. Ed has even agreed a 3rd Date for his Princess”

Massive respect for Ed Sheeran for being humble and taking out the time to help someone in his own little way.

Watch the video of his first meeting with Melody as covered by Inside Edition:

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