Nicki Minaj pays for tuition fees of her fans via Twitter

Nicki Minaj's act of kindness should be applauded. The superstar rapper very casually went on Twitter and announced she'd be willing to pay for fees for any student who's got 'straight A's' on tests.

Wikimedia Commons
Her announcement caught the attention of several of her fans who reached out to her with their report cards. Her reply in simple words was 'U wan't to go to college but can't? How much do you need to get u in school?'

In a very simplistic and casual manual Nicki asked for bank details of those fans claiming her generous offer,

Fantastic, isn't it?

Imagine how many kids, who can't afford decent education, could go to school if all those who have the power and the resources take up such little and simple steps to help them.

The way Minaj just randomly went on Twitter, and managed to help some with a fraction of her millions, shows how easy it is for celebs to reach out and make a difference.

Bravo Nicki. Job well done.

On the professional front, Minaj has a total of three singles out right now, two of which are from her yet to be announced fourth studio album and the third one entitled 'Light My Body Up', is a collaboration with David Guetta.

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