Hollywood medium connects to Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez with T-Boz

Tyler Henry - the spirit-talking medium of the 'other realm' - who's the host of E!'s reality show, 'Hollywood medium' sat down with T-Boz - to talk about the late Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopez - former member of their girl-group, TLC, who died in a car crash in 2002.

Speaking of the very incident of her death, Henry said, "You have like a weird death here coming through. She'll like joke, this is weird, she's doing this weird hand thing with me, she's just being silly. She's very, very direct. Someone might go by the nickname I've never heard before, a really unique one. I don't know this one."

He further continues, "There is a reference to South America. She's referencing to a car accident. She's placing these two together, but she’s having me acknowledge that if this had happened in another country, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't think it would happen to me in the states. If someone is not familiar with the way that we drive in a different country and as a result we die, when had we been on the road and perfectly capable, we might have been able to manage in the United States."

Tyler then further states that Lisa is happy about the fact that no one else died in the accident, "She's just, from her perspective, happy that no one else was killed in this incident," he said. "She's more focused on their well being."

Watch a sneak-peak of the episode below:


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