"Let me speak to that real b**ch": Mo'Nique lashes out at Tyler Perry and Oprah AGAIN.

After stirring major controversy this past month, with her no-hold-barred comments on powerful Hollywood names like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique shows no signs of backing down anytime soon.

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The actress chose another one of her stand-up acts in Baltimore as an instance to lash out at the trio once again. Continuing with the previous accusations of being "blackballed" by the three, the Oscar-winning actress added that she received a call from Tyler Perry who attempted to flaunt his 'billionaire status' on her.

The former talk-show host adressed the crowd stating, “See, when he called us up and tried to be the billionaire I said ‘N***a, put Madea on the phone, let me speak to that real b**ch because you f**king this up right now, and to that n***a’s credit he got Madea on the motherf**king phone!”

Watch Mo'Nique with her angered self in her recent standup below:

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The 2 year old controversy was reignited by Mo'Nique this past month when in a stand up act at the Apollo Theater, she asked the trio to "Su** her dick" - in an expletive filled outburst while addressing being blackballed by the three after their last project together, the 2009 released Oscar nominated flick, "Precious"

Read her shocking speech from the Apollor Theater here.

Do you think Mo'Nique is doing more damage to herself than anybody else by going overboard with her statements?

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