Restaurant launches new cocktail entitled 'Pill Cosby'. Issues apology later on.

A Washington D.C bar and restaurant stirred controversy, as in a lineage of supposedly 'funny' celebrity-inspired cocktails, they nicknamed their newest additions after former comedian and actor Bill Cosby.

Wikimedia Commons
Only instead of naming it Bill Cosby they called the drink 'Pill Cosby' - referencing dozens of rape allegations made on the former Television star involving claims of the actor drugging and sexually molesting several women over the coarse of 3 decades. Cosby is currently under trial after being charged with aggravated indecent assault.

The drink which looks as disgusting as it sounds was garnished with artificial 'Pills' on top (fake capsules).

As complaints started pouring in with criticism on Twitter and Facebook, for mocking a sensitive issue like rape, the restaurant soon apologized for causing offense and took 'Pill Cosby' off the menu.

"This drink was not made with any intent to offend anyone, especially not victims of rape. We take full responsibility" said the eating and drinking outlet in a Twitter statement. Further adding, "The drink has since been removed from the menu and we apologize to anyone who felt offended by this."


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