Mo'Nique's "Suck my d**k" rant: Here is how Twitter reacted

As we reported recently, Mo'Nique sparked a controversy once again as she went in on Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey reigniting the controversies related to a two year old feud.

Her expletive-filled stand-up act during a comedy show at the Apollo Theater on 13 May, revolved around her being "blackballed" - as she called it, by the producers of her 2009 released theatrical project, 'Precious' - a claim that was brought to the limelight by the actress herself during the Oscar-campaign of her movie.

Wikimedia Commons/Twitter

Her "Fu** You's" and "Suck my d**k" expletives from her Saturday night stand-up, directed towards the powerful trio had Twitterattis rolling on the floor as they noted how she may be the one "blackballing" herself with her no-hold barred way of speaking.

TV Host John Murray joked in response to her rant, saying, "At this point, the only person in this business that'll probably work with #MoNique is Bill Cosby."

While some urged the former talk-show host to just stop, others wanted more of that tea!

Check out some of the responses people had on Twitter after her speech went viral:

So basically Twitter had a field day post her shocking rant went viral on social media.

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