PICS: Inside Jim Parsons' wedding with partner Todd Spiewak

This past weekend Bing Bang Theory star Jim Parsons married his boyfriend of over 14 years, art-director Todd Spiewak, in a ceremony held at the Rainbow Room in New York.

As Jim's fans and admirers were busy sending the newly wedded couple heartly congratulations, the actor also just shared a few from the intimate ceremony on his Instagram account, that took place on the 13th of May in New York.

Source: therealjimparsons/Instagram
Suited-up in tuxes with a contrast of red and white, Jim uploaded a picture of the two holding hands as they seemed to be approaching the floor for their first wedding-dance together.

"Reception, first dance... (have to say thank you to #anniepsaltiras who was supposed to just be a guest but worked really hard to help us get the @tomford tuxes we loved so much AND she tied the bow ties of several guests that night. Annie is a champ and we love her ❤️) photos by @ambergressphotography (why can't I figure out how to tag @melissamcneeley and @doan_ly ??? Oh yeah, cuz I'm old,' he wrote on the caption of the pic.

Another equally endearing picture shows the couple holding hands again dressed-up in zed black tuxes. You can notice the delightful happiness on their faces even in the still picture.

Jim also took the time to give a shout out to their best friend, Melissa McNeeley who also assisted in planning their entire wedding arrangements. "therealjimparsonsShe's our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain't bad, either, @doan_ly !) photo cred @ambergressphotography," he wrote along with another picture of the couple with their 'officiant.'

Parsons' official 'coming out' moment was back in the year 2012 during an interview with New York times, in which the 44 year old actor talked about his sexuality for the first time and also disclosed being in a relationship 'with someone' for over a decade - that someone was none other Todd Spiewak.

The adorable couple had been in relationship for almost one and half decades and finally decided to settle down this month. 

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