Mother arrested for beating 6 year old son for giving Mother's Day card to grandma instead of her

A South Carolina resident, beat her 6 year old son for giving his grandmother a card for mother's day instead of her.

30 year old Shontrell Murphy admitted to beating her son, but she said she didn't realize she was being violent or abusive while doing so, as told by the cops.

Police arrested Shontrell, after recieving a call from her mother's residence reporting about the violence. As they entered the house, they found torn pieces of the hand-made card on the ground and a crying 6 year old boy.

The accused woman also has a daughter who admitted that their mother would regularly beat them as they lived surrounded in fear everyday.

When Murphy, found out that the card made by her son wasn't for her but his grandmother, she first tore it to several pieces and then hit the boy several times on his head.

Shontrell Murphy has been charged with cruelty to children after her admissions to hitting her son.

The story originally appeared on NYDAILYNEWS, with information from WBRC.

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