Man claims Whitney Houston song used his name without permission. Files complaint.

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There's no dearth of bizarre people on the planet.

This time, a Swedish man who goes by the name 'Lars Johan' has filed a complaint with the country's National Board for Consumer Disputes, alleging that a Whitney Houston classic directly addresses him and mentions his name without his permission.

The song in question, is Houston's 2009 released, R. Kelly-penned ballad, 'I Look To You.'

According to Johan, Houston sang about him in the first verse, where he believes the line "I'm lost without a cause" is actually, "I'm Lars without a case" and "In you I hear a song" is actually Houston singing, "when Johan hears a song."


"I believe that has been actively done by the producer, songwriter, and Whitney Houston," he claims.

Johan says that he's been receiving weird friend-requests on Facebook because of the "song-mention", further stating on his complaint, "the product should be marketed more correctly in order to avoid misunderstandings."

The complaint was first reported by Sweden's local newspaper, Dala-Demokraten following which the Sweden's Consumer Disputes board had the following to say:

"The case is not being investigated. The reason for the decision is that only cases where the consumer's requirement have a financial value are investigated. The matter can therefore not be investigated."

Fair enough.

So, does Mr Johan has "some issues" or is he just seeking attention?

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Listen to the title track from Whitney's final studio album below:

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