P. Diddy's maid accuses rapper of sexual harassment. Files a lawsuit.

P. Diddy seems to have gotten into a brand new mess it seems, as the rapper's former housekeeper has filed a lawsuit against him claiming she was sexually harassed by the rapper and his "buddies" during the coarse of her employment.

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According to information reported through TMZ, Diddy's former maid - Cindy Rueda claims she was required to serve Diddy and his 'guests' during or immediately after their sexual acts. She has also claimed that on one such occasion the rapper was still naked in his room following the sexual activity and asked her if she liked what she saw, as she entered the room to do her chores.

Rueda recounts another incident in her claim when one of his buddies approached her in the kitchen in a naked condition and asked her to take a look at his private part.

She also further stated in her lawsuit that despite complaining about sexual harassment to one of Diddy's assistants, she was setup in a false charge of stealing something from Diddy's residence by one of his staffers.

Reuda’s suit involves around clauses for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection.

The rapper's representative has dismissed all the claims saying, "This is a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause.”

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