Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell dies at age 52.

Singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of Seattle rock band Soundgarden, Chris Cornell has died as confirmed by his representative in a statement to People. The legendary musician passed away this Wednesday night in Detroit, Michigan.

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The cause of his death has not been determined yet and a medical examination is underway, but according to sources, it is being investigated as a possible case of suicide.

Chris was found laying unconscious in the bathroom of his room at the MGM Grand Casino, as confirmed by the Detroit Police department.

Born in Seattle, Washington on 20th July 1964 - Chris rose to prominence for his extraordinary vocal gift extending to over four octaves in range and also his extensive catalog as a songwriter.

Chris has been called one of the greatest vocalist of the Rock and Heavy Metal genre for his powerful belting technique, high tenor range and light falsetto. He was also credited as one of the founders of the grunge movement of 1990s.

Cornell started off as the frontman for the Alternate Rock/Heavy Metal band Soundgarden which was formed by the singer himself in the year 1984. Soundgarden produced several Rock classics starting from their first full length album Ultramega Ok, released in the year 1988.

He released several other studio projects as a solo artist after parting ways with the band in the year 1997 and also as the lead vocalist of rock supergroup Audioslave formed later in the year 2001, before Soungarden's reunion in the year 2010 followed by the release of their sixth studio album, King Animal

Thoughts go out to his family and friends as they tackle with his untimely and sudden demise.

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