Hollywood Medium host communicates with Whitney Houston through her ex-husband Bobby Brown

Tyler Henry, the host of E!'s reality show, 'Hollywood Medium' sat down with Bobby Brown to "communicate" with the spirit of the late Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Krisitna Brown.

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina in 2009/Wikimedia Commons
If you don't know what the show's about, you might not get what we're talking about.

'Hollywood Medium', which airs on E! cable network, follows the show's host Tyler Henry who serves as a 'medium' to communicate with spirits from the beyond in an attempt to bring messages from the other realm of the world to Hollywood celebrities.

Henry's latest guest to help him establish that connection was Whitney Houston's ex husband and former RnB star, Bobby Brown.

As he established a medium through Brown, Henry spoke of his communication with Whitney in reference to their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's untimely death and funeral services, "She's coming through and giving me this feeling of, I was there to hold her hand when she made her transition, when she left. People would've felt her mother around when she passed away," Henry said. He further claimed "She is connecting hands with what looks like a child and she's coming through and she wants everybody to know that she helped her little girl when her little girl transitioned."

Tyler tried to emphasize on the fact that Whitney told him she was there with Bobbi Kristina Brown in her death bed.

The 19 year old clairvoyant medium, also said Whitney communicated to him about issues with her heart, which may have had direct involvement in her death. "It's heart, it's heart, heart is fundamentally what she perceives as being the catalyst to her death. Just because the amount she would've used she'd done before. And so the feeling is like, if it didn't kill me then why would it kill me now? Unless there's something wrong with my ability to kind of process or metabolize this," Tyler said.

The self-proclaimed medium then established a connection with their daughter Bobbi Kristina as he tried to deliver her message to Brown. "Your daughter comes across, she does not in any way blame you or have any frustration with you or have any negative emotions associated with you in any way," Tyler said.

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