Watch: Melania slaps Donald Trump's hand away in Israel. Does it again in Rome today.

Melania Trump seemed to be in no mood of holding hands with her president husband, Donald Trump as the two arrived in Israel on an official trip to establish 'peace talks' yesterday.

In a viral video featuring Trump and Melania touching base at Israel, saw them walking down the tarmac in Tel Aviv, as Trump reached out for Melania's hand and she swiftly brushed it away as the two continued to walk.


The video left Twitteratis in hysterics as they attempted to understand what may have happened during the flight.

Not sure what triggered Melania's rejection to holding Trump's hand, but it doesn't seem like the two are exactly loving their first foreign trip, as the first lady seemed in no mood to hold her husband's hand during their second day in Rome either.

So, Melania's cup of patience is already over-flowing?

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