Artist creates "Grown Up" versions of our favorite cartoons and they're EPIC. See pics.

Probably one of the biggest fantasies many of us had as kids was to see what might lie beyond the stories of our favorite fictional toon characters, perhaps to witness the outtakes that never really existed.

What happens when Dexter hits puberty or when the Powerpuff Girls turn into Powerpuff Women?

A 29 year old artist from Mississippi, posted some of his imaginative work on Instagram that really did go in that realm.

Source: Instagram/avantb22
Brandon Avant, who's a fashion student at the University of Portland decided to create "grown up" versions of some of our favorite cartoon characters - and we just can't get enough of these. The illustrations have been posted on his Instagram account, which goes by the name - avantb22 - in which the artist has over 18.5 K followers.

Check out some his best work from the epic collection below:

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You can check out some of his other work on his Instagram page here.

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