Say What? Couple does a "Post Break-Up" photoshoot and Twitter just lost it

What do you think is the most common thing for couples to do after they break up?

May be hit out the bar with their friends to forget about it. May be spend some time alone and comprehend things. Or May be just call up their friends and let their hearts out.

There could be a million instances, but not one would match the example people saw on Twitter a couple of weeks ago - when a couple decided to do a "post break-up" photo shoot capturing some cringe-worthy poses following their breakup.

No, really. This couple did probably the most corny thing in the history of humanity. The person who put up the photos on Twitter is apparently the classmate of these two, who captioned the pics saying, "Bro, my classmates legit took "break up photos" like they deada*s broke up and took pictures after"

We won't talk nomore. Just take a look yourself:

Twitter/Harrison Bach
Twitter/Harrison Bach
Twitter/Harrison Bach

There was no way Twitter was going to let go of this travesty without leting everyone feel the burn these caused.

Here are some responses that would make you say - 'Same, bro'


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