Britney Spears singing "Toxic" without autotune leaks online and it sounds REALLY GOOD! Listen here

A few days ago a rare version of Britney's chart-topping smasher - 'Toxic' surfaced online - that features a raw, unfabricated and untouched vocal by the pop superstar and it sounds AMAZING..!

Wikimedia Commons
Okay! We get it. Britney isn't known for having the most glorious voice - but back when she was a teenager singing for Disney and auditioning for Jive records, she could blow!

So, her rustic non-autotuned version of "Toxic" has our mind blown - because it sounds that good!

Hear it out for yourself:

Toxic was released, almost 13 years ago, back in 2004 - as the second single from Britney's fourth studio album, 'In The Zone.' The single peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and won her, her first and only Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

This rough and "unpolished" version of the track, may we say, sounds even better than the original single-version.


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