Awkward! Jerry Seinfeld refuses to give Kesha a hug

If your week has been going fine so far, here's a video of Kesha getting rejected for a hug that will give you all the cringe you did not need.

The two appeared together at a recent red carpet event, where Kesha, who's apparently a fan of Seinfeld, approached him in the midst of an interview asking for a hug.

"I'm Kesha, I love you so much," Kesha started as Seinfeld looked at her with a confused look on his face. She then asked if he'll give her a hug, to which the comedian-actor replied with a "No Thanks", and stepped back in resistance as she asked again.

An embarrassed Kesha turned around and ventured out of the scene in disbelief.

Seinfeld then turned back to the interviewer and told him that he didn't know who she was. When the interviewer told him that it was 'Kesha', he still looked a bit lost and clueless.

Did he really not know her, or is he just not #TeamKesha?

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