Has Beyonce already delivered her Twins? Her fans believe so.

The beehive is really keeping a check on Beyoncé's pregnancy updates, ever since she dropped the 'P' bomb on everyone with her glorious and much viral set of pictures showing her baby bump, back in February.

Queen B, has been documenting a lot of her moments of her pregnancy on Instagram - ranging from the epic pictures of the baby shower to a vibrant Easter celebrations with mom Tina Knowles and daughter Blue Ivy.

The "Run the World" superstar is onto her second pregnancy with husband Jay Z and is expecting twins this time.

But some fans believe Beyoncé may already have delivered her babies, speculating on pictures shared by her on Instagram.

The beehive pointed out her recent picture shared soon after Memorial day, stating that her bump appeared smaller than her last set of pictures released to public. The picture in question shows Beyoncé holding Blue Ivy on the top of her belly, which was compared to her last image from her 'push part', where her bump appeared to be larger.

Here is the latest picture with Blue Ivy:

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Here is the last picture from the 'Push Party' which is drawing the comparison:

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To fuel the speculation even further, Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles was recently spotted at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles towards the end of May while her sister Solange Knowles suddenly cancelled her concert schedule citing 'production delays.'

So, is the Carter family already blessed with newborns?

What do you think?

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