Woman saves lives of 20 people in London terror Attack by blocking door with her body

As everyone mourns the loss of lives in London's terror attacks, a heroic deed of a woman has been brought to light by an eyewitness.

A taxi driver who was present at the incident of Saturday night's terror attack at the Borough Market in London, witnessed a woman barricading the front door of a restaurant to stop the terrorists from coming in.

Aksha Patel, revealed his account stating that the woman stood at the front door single handedly blocking the entry of the terrorists so that the people inside could get a chance to make an exit from the back door and thereby saving the lives of approx 20 people who were inside.

Wikimedia Commons
Patel was nearby the Black and Blue steak restaurant on Rochester Walk in Borough Market, where the incident took place as recounted the scene while telling SKYY news, "She knew they were bad people trying to break in. She managed to hold the door for a few seconds but they overpowered her. People managed to escape through the rear door so she saved maybe 20 people’s lives."

7 lives were taken and over 48 were injured in another tragedy in the UK on the 4th of June, when a speeding van ran over pedestrians at the London bridge while simultaneous attacks took place at the nearby Borough market where three men stabbed several revellers and a police man. Both incidents were found to have links with each other and were declared terrorist attacks.

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