Man runs from London Bridge attack still holding on to his beer - Internet can't praise him enough

Amidst the tragedy that struck London this past Saturday, as a speeding van claimed the lives of 7 while 3 other men led a stabbing attack at the nearby borough market, people found some light-hearted humor in a viral picture circulating on the internet showing a weary man fleeing the spot of terror while still holding on to his pint of beer.

Source: Twitter
As tragedy took over the UK again, people were quick to point out the picture to celebrate the "spirit of the city" and humor in the fact that the young bloke wasn't willing let a drop spill while fleeing the scene.

Perhaps in such hard times, this was all that was needed for a moment of solace to ensure everyone that things can get back to normal.

Check out some of the responses that followed after the picture went viral on social media:

While, this doesn't and shouldn't take away the seriousness of the issue and the urgency of the tragedy, the black humor in the photo is helping British people get through the tough times.

Cheers to our ability to laugh at the face of disaster!

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