Miley Cyrus drops New Single 'Inspired' in celebration of PRIDE month

Miley Cyrus has released a brand new single from her yet to be announced upcoming studio album.

Cyrus who attempted to give her image and music a 'makeover' from the hip-hop inspired productions and is going back to her country roots with her Pop/Rock new single, "Inspired" published on 9th June. The single is in line with her recently released Top 10 hit, 'Malibu' - that saw a shift in Miley's music style.

'Inspired' does sound beautiful, and is quite a fresh turnaround from her 2015 tracks like 'Wrecking Ball' and 'We Can't Stop' - which also means no more hanging out of her tongue.

The track is released in celebration of Pride Month as Cyrus marks her solidarity with the LGBTQ community, as she wrote while announcing the track on Twtter, "SURPRISE!  In celebration of #Pride & the desperate cry for more love in this world #Inspired is OUT NOW everywhere!!!!"

Listen to Miley display her vocal chops in this new uplifting ballad:


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