'Proud Mary': Tina Turner's iconic performances of the song from each decade

Tina Turner is one of the biggest badass divas of all time. The Queen of Rock n Roll has been in the business for over 6 decades and has filled each of those decades with the same passion and zeal that she did in her 20's. Tina's stage prowess and energy has overshadowed performers much younger than her at various points in her career.

One such display was made during her performances of Proud Mary, which actually seemed to be getting better and better as she got older. Her iconic moves and exclamations in performances of the chart-topping track, could bring even a wood log to life.

Originally, released in 1969 by the Rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, the song was later covered by Tina and her ex-husband Ike Turner a year later in 1970 and featured on their second studio album as a duo entitled, "Workin' Together.'

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Following its immediate commercial success during the time of its release and the growing cult status as years passed by, the song became a staple in Tina's catalog and was regarded as one of her signature tracks.

Her performances of the song, filled with an energetic routine with her dancers , were always the highlights of her live shows. And as years passed by and Tina continued to perform it decade after decade - 'Proud Mary' remained slick, fun and kickass, as it did in the beginning. 

So, here's a trip down memory lane to show you one performance of Tina's cult classic from each decade since the time of it's release, starting from the 70's.

Watch these kickass performances and be prepared to be blown away:





Manchester - 2009 - one of her most recent performances of the song

Nobody rocks the stage the way Tina does with this song!!

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