Drake responds to Jay Z's 'money-diss' on 4:44. Sticks a stack of cash across his face.

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Jay Z's latest studio album, has already brought out some pretty hot controversies, with it's hard-hitting lyrics and material. The critically acclaimed album, which features some of the best received songs of his career - gets into another saucy exchange of disses, courtesy of its much-talked about track, 'The Story of OJ.'

Jay Z's mention of other rappers trying to flaunt their money on social networks like, Instagram and holding it 'against their ears' - hasn't gone down well with Canadian rapper Drake - who then himself took to Twitter to mock the very line.

The second track from the album first came into the limelight for throwing a sharp reference to OJ Simpson and his "I'm not black, I'm OJ" remark. The track also managed to attract massive acclaim from critics and fans alike, particularly for it's sweeping music video, featuring some highly disturbing visuals.

On the second-half of the track, Jay utters the lines, "Y'all on the 'gram holdin' money to your ear. There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here," referring to petty display of money, implying how it's merely some change for what he has manged to rake-in with his smarter ways.

Trolling Jay's diss, Drake's video on Twitter features the rapper holding a stack of money against his ears at a club as he shouts, “Hello? What they say? Don’t put money in your ear? Oh, I didn’t hear that."

Watch Drake's funny response to Jay below:

To be fair, Jay's lyrics were actually some well-thought-out advice for rapper and not exactly a diss. But it seems, it isn't going down well with most people it was directed at.


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