Brandy throws shade at Jennifer Lopez. Gets a response from Mariah Carey

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Brandy ignited some J Lo fans, when she posted a mild hint of Mariah Carey's classic shade directed towards the 'Dance Again' singer.

It all happened, when the 'Sitting Up In My Room' singer posted a throwback photo of herself with Mariah Carey, putting together a few words in tribute to the Pop Diva while also including the hashtag - #SheKnowsMe - which, fans quickly pointed out, was a reference to the Mimi's infamous old shade at J Lo.

Carey's "I Don't Know Her" comment on Lopez, following their much-talked about rivalry has been turned into one of the most popular celeb memes, but when Brandy threw the mild shade at J Lo with the comment - she naturally felt the wrath of Lopez's warriors.

The 38 year old chart-topper, later realized the drama her post had caused and confessed her intention was not to throw any shade at anyone at all. "Oh My God, what happened??", the singer wrote on her Instagram post. "I swear to Goodness I don't know what the fuss it about. I love this pic and now everyone thinks I'm throwing shade?? At who??? This is funny. Can't take this one down, I love this picture and whenever I'm throwing shade (light) it's not questionable, you know that I am!!!"

Things spiced up a bit more, when Mariah Carey herself responded to the #SheKnowsMe post simply stating, "I sure do."

Brandy latter uploaded the screenshot of Mimi's response, and expressed how delighted she was to get a shoutout from one of her heroes.

"Now look here, I'm turning off these damn comments. I don't want no mess," she concluded.

Do you think Brandy actually did intend to throw shade at J Lo?

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