Justin Bieber accidentally drives truck into photographer

Wikimedia Commons
Justin Bieber was involved in a road mishap, as the singer-songwriter ran a vehicle over a photographer in Beverly Hills.

TMZ reports, Bieber was leaving a church service at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills when his large pickup truck was surrounded by photographers, one of whom was run over by the vehicle when Bieber attempted to pull it away.

Justin stopped the truck as soon as he was notified of the incident and immediately stepped out to help the man. Bieber stayed around the injured man for a good 8 to 10 minutes, until medical help arrived.

According to police officials, there was no life-threatening injuries caused to the individual, except a few minor injuries on his lower body. The singer was allowed to leave the spot after a small interrogation by the cops.

The photographer later posted a video thanking Justin for being "compassionate."

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