Quincy Jones awarded $9.4 million from lawsuit against Michael Jackson

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Celebrated music producer, Quincy Jones had a long association with the late Michael Jackson, working with him in albums like - 'Thriller', 'Off The Wall' and 'Bad.'

Jones recently made headlines after he filed a $30 million lawsuit against the superstar's estate, challenging them for unpaid royalties for his contribution to Jackson's projects, following which a judge has announced a ruling, surprisingly to his favor.

Per the ruling made this Thursday, Jones has been awarded a total of $9.42 million to be pocketed out of the late King of Pop's estate. Although, not what he had originally claimed, the sum is still of a staggering amount.

The decision has not gone down well with the attorneys of Jackson's estate, who in a detailed statement said that Jones had "No Right" over Jackson's money.

Read there complete statement below:

“While the jury denied Quincy Jones $21 million –- or more than two-thirds of what he demanded — we still believe that giving him millions of dollars that he has no right to receive under his contracts is wrong.

This would reinterpret the legal language in, and effectively rewrite, contracts that Mr. Jones lived under for more than three decades, admitted he never read, referred to as ‘contract, montract,’ and told the jurors he didn’t ‘give a damn’ about.

Any amount above and beyond what is called for in his contracts is too much and unfair to Michael’s heirs (i.e. his children). Although Mr. Jones is portraying this as a victory for artists’ rights, the real artist is Michael Jackson and it is his money Mr. Jones is seeking.”


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