Justin Bieber cancels his ongoing tour to "dedicate his life to Christ"

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This past week Pop star Justin Bieber stunned everyone when he abruptly discontinued his 'Purpose' world tour without much information about what happened

His fans and tour co-artists, couldn't comprehend what may have triggered the 'What Do You Mean' star to pull the plug on pre-booked concerts.

It has now been revealed by a few close sources, that Bieber left it all in the midst due to a religious awakening which pushed him to "rededicate his life to Christ" - as first reported by TMZ.

Although, Bieber had initially issued an apology to his fans citing "exhaustion" as the reason for the cancellation, per the sources connected to Hillsong church - the reasons are purely religion-driven.

Whatever the actual cause may be, Bieber's crew from the tour is not happy with him as the abrupt cancellation is going to affect them financially and may suddenly leave many of them 'out of work.'

Meanwhile, despite constant backlash from his fans and crew members, Justin has received support from fellow musicians who have admired his decision to take a step back to give himself a breather.

Singer John Mayor tweeted in support of Bieber stating, "When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going." He further added, "We've lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin [thumbs up] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too."

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