Whitney Houston's alleged love affair: Robyn Crawford's father claims it was true.

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One of the biggest speculations, the late and great Whitney Houston was surrounded by, throughout her life - was her alleged relationship with her friend and former manager, Robyn Crawford.

Although, Miss Houston, denied any such claim and consistently insisted that she was not lesbian - the rumors never really ended. Amidst all of this, Crawford never faltered under the spotlight and managed to remain tight-lipped about their relationship - something she maintains even after Houston's passing.

But it turns out, it isn't going to be left in the closet by other people who were around Crawford and Houston at that time.

Dennis Crawford - father of Robyn Crawford, in a recent interview with Radar Online, insisted that the two were lovers and it wasn't really hidden from people around them, during the initial days. “I knew 40 years ago, we all knew,” Robyn's 79 year old father told Radar Online. “I saw them together.” - claiming to have seen the two holding hands and kissing.

Mr Crawford states that he wasn't against the relationship and accepted it when her daughter told him about it. “When she told me, there was nothing I could do about it except love her,” he recalled.

Dennis however, doesn't understand why Whitney's mother Cissy Houston was adamant upon denying the rumors. “She knew about the relationship with my daughter 25 years ago. Why she would deny it, you have to ask her. Dionne grew up with them, and knew about it too,” he said, referring to Whitney's cousin, legendary Pop/Soul vocalist - Dionne Warwick.

Is it fair for Dennis Crawford to speak on a private affair now when Miss Houston, isn't here to tell her side of the story?

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