Madame Tussauds has redone the "whitewashed" Beyonce statue after criticism. But it's still a far cry from the real deal.

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Madame Tussauds faced the natural wrath of the beehive after they totally failed to deliver with their newly launched wax-figure of Pop Queen Beyonce, earlier this week.

The almost white version of the 'Single Ladies' singer, was a not even remotely close to the actual look of the superstar. Even if you would put aside the complexion, the face and body - were not even the 1000 mile radius of "looking like Beyonce."

The museum first tried to ward off the criticism and backlash, stating the pictures have only been taken with a 'bad light' and hence appear to be different, but it wasn't good enough of an explanation for the fans.

Tussauds, has now attempted to 'correct' the wax figure to bring it more close to reality, after not only darkening its complexion a bit, but also making some minor changes to the hair and costume. But sadly, the wax statue is still a far cry from what the museum is capable of - especially considering their other immensely popular work on other stars.

Should they just put the whole thing away and start from the scratch, involving someone who perhaps KNOWS what miss Knowles looks like?

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